Supply Chain Consulting

Supply chain management is one of the critical areas for any organization to focus on if there is a serious desire to improve efficiencies and reduce costs. Forging strong partnering relationships and understanding supplier capabilities are both necessary and vital if health care organizations are to fully take advantage of the efficiencies associated with strategic supply chain management and "best practices" in material management and inventory controls.

Pragmatic recognizes that in many organizations, supply (material and services) costs may be your largest operating expense. Published healthcare figures suggest that it may represent up to 30% of operating budgets (expenses). So historically, it would suggest that managing the supply chain has been a neglected area for many Healthcare organizations in their efforts to improve efficiency and identify cost saving opportunities.

Leveraging supply chain savings, while not sacrificing quality has been a challenge for many industries involved in the business of producing and delivering a product or service. Pragmatic has extensive experience assisting organizations to evaluate their supplier base and capabilities and improving all the related processes and practices needed for optimum performance and results.

Our track record is second to none in implementing proven and tested practices and techniques to improve supply chain performance, combining objective supplier assessment and the application of best practices to your supply chain processes.

We can assist you to find innovative ways to drive fast and sustainable improvements in savings, satisfaction and service. We work with you to improve your supply chain and procurement processes, and identify opportunities for cost-savings throughout the supply chain.

Standardization of products, technology and improved information systems, sustainability initiatives, environmental and recycling/re-use initiatives can also represent significant opportunities for improving cost and expenses. According to the Association for Healthcare Resource and Materials Management, the cost of material and supplies jumped nearly 40 percent between 2003 and 2005 and now represents as much as 31 percent of a hospital's expenses on a per case basis.

Within a few years, supply costs may be your largest operating expense, our supply chain expertise will help you reduce supply costs, improve your margin, apply inventory controls and assist in developing strategically important supply chain initiatives.

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