Supply Chain Services Warehouse Management and Automation

Pragmatic Consulting, Inc. is a full service consulting firm specializing in operational and organizational continuous improvement. Our professionals and technical services provide measurable results to our clients. In today's global marketplace staying competitive often requires investment, time and effort. Pragmatic supplies the expertise needed to transform operations, processes, and organizations to world class levels. In supply chain management we have successfully achieved, for our customers, more responsive "time to market", improved quality as well as significant waste reduction. Here's an example:

Recently we managed a continuous improvement project for a Massachusetts company that consolidated two product aftermarket and OEM parts and service inventory warehouses into one. Using Pragmatic's "Lean Warehouse" techniques we: coordinated the inventory transfer, installed ergonomic equipment, implemented systems integration, and improved quality and inventory accuracy. Additionally, Pragmatic designed and laid out a "state of the art" warehouse resulting in improved flow of processes and material.

But we did not just design! We project managed, and implemented the solution!


  • Established Warehouse Management Best Practices
  • Changed facility layout and organization
  • Measured Warehouse Utilization in Cubic ft. and now # of shelves
  • Changed from fixed locations
  • Implemented Inventory Management techniques including ABC integration
  • Automated Processes (including automated stacking system)
  • Designed and installed Wireless access point and antennas
  • Bar Coded the entire facility
  • Improved material flow
  • Planned for Growth
  • Project Managed

Resulting In:

  • Increased Productivity by 40%
  • Reduced costs
  • Increased throughput
  • Increased inventory accuracy
  • Improved profitability
  • Improved core competencies

"Thanks to the help of the Pragmatic Consulting team, our process is running more efficiently than ever before" - Paul Hurtig, Vice President of Operations
"We never could have done this project without Pragmatic" - Russ Grenier, Facilities Manager


Note: ValuTrack is one of our Strategic Associates who have expirience in technology equipment;
such as: RFID, Barcoding, Scanners, Wireless technology, and more.

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