Security Services

Security is becoming a higher concern and priority for virtually all types of businesses, however for Healthcare, security is one of the most important factors. Do you have a security strategy for your business? At Pragmatic, we believe security is not just an overhead expense, but a service which can provide demonstrable ROI and allow companies to better position themselves for the trust and credibility of their company. We offer strategic planning in security and a comprehensive set of services such as risk assessments and threat mitigations which include:

  • Insider Threats
  • Physical Security
    • Employees
    • Facilities
  • IT Security
    • IT Infrastructure
    • Network
    • Software
    • Cyber Security
    • ERP Systems
    • Internet Security
    • Compliance Systems

Industry standard tests can also be provided in addition to these security services to be sure all regulations are met. Pragmatic-Healthcare also provides expanded export services which includes interrupt reform impact reviews of products and businesses, licensing processes, violation investigations and remediations, in addition to denied parties integration.

For more information on our Security services, please visit our contact page.