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HealthCare - ISO 9001 Systems


With Healthcare organizations facing different accreditation programs (NIAHO, JCAHO and CMS) one successful approach is to consider the use of the internationally recognized ISO 9000 Series of Standards to harmonize the implementation of your Quality Management System.

The International Workshop Agreement IWA1:2005 – Guidelines for Process Improvements for Health Service Organizations, should also be utilized to provide additional guidance. It is an extremely useful tool creating an opportunity to reduce waste, increase operational efficiencies, reduce patient related errors and enhance the patient/customer focus throughout the entire organization.

ISO 9001:2008 and the recently revised ISO 9004:2009 provide organizations with an extremely effective platform to establish management systems aimed at continuous improvement while maintaining focus on customer satisfaction.

It is interesting to note that the latest changes to the ISO 9004 standard incorporates many of the themes of the EFQM, Baldrige and TQM models. It takes a more strategic approach providing “guidance” much like EFQM for organizations who wish to move beyond the requirements of ISO 9001, to address the needs and expectations of all interested parties and their satisfaction, by systematic and continual improvement of the organization’s performance.