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Lean / Six Sigma HealthCare


Pragmatic knows that utilizing the fundamental tenets of LEAN and Six Sigma can assist Healthcare Organizations achieve their complex challenges. And particularly in meeting patient care standards, operations, business practices, and delivering quality services while achieving compliance with an array of regulatory and statutory requirements.

A culture of risk management and a prevention focus are prerequisite needs and are often at the heart of many improvement and quality initiatives and thereby a prime consideration in healthcare environments. Our approach can be tailored towards assessment of the entire service (care) provision, or a more focused examination of process improvement on critical aspects of patient care and support services.

Adherence to well defined processes and practices are critical to ensuring improved quality in patient outcomes, efficient utilization of resources and elimination of “waste”.

Ask us about how we can improve patient throughput, improve cash flow and reduce your material costs with our supply chain expertise, as well as drive performance improvement and efficiencies in key operational or support functions.

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