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Pragmatic-Healthcare at a Glance

We are a management and technical consulting firm emphasizing organizational excellence, and continuous improvement going forward. Whether your healthcare organization requires a turnaround or improved “Performance & Health”, we can help. Pragmatic-Healthcare fosters a strategic partner relationship with our clients. We are not simply consultants, but rather a hands-on adjunct resource for your healthcare organization. Our strategic approach incorporates: Project Management; Lean/Six Sigma; Engineering Consulting; IT and Systems implementation; Human Capital (HR); Quality Systems; and Supply Chain Management.

During these turbulent and challenging economic times, it has never been more important to cut waste and streamline processes at all levels of healthcare. With the general public clamoring for governmental austerity and operating efficiency, Pragmatic-Healthcare offers the perfect solutions for any and all healthcare organizational functions, and provides you with the tools you need to succeed!

Pragmatic-Healthcare is at the vanguard of eliminating waste and inefficiencies in all areas of the healthcare realm. We work directly with your Project Management team to ensure that all facets of your daily functions are running in harmony in the healthcare organization. Let Pragmatic-Healthcare help put you at ease, and bring your healthcare organization up to “World Class” status today.