Engineering Consulting

Pragmatic has a broad range of engineering services. Efficiency is the key factor for our customers, and we assist in reducing costs and increasing productivity. This can be extremely critical in the medical field as the demand for supplies grows. Pragmatic-Healthcare’s team can fine tune aspects of engineering. This ranges but is not limited to: Design, Manufacturing, Industrial Engineering, Lean, Facility Optimization or any other thing we can do to support your path to organizational excellence. Our goal is to meet your individualized needs and make you stand out in the medical field.

Experience in Organizational Excellence

  • R & D to Product Development Process
  • New Product Development Process
  • Agile Engineering Projects
  • Prototype and Product Launch Efficiency
  • Concurrent Engineering
  • SolidWorks Design
  • Drafting and Design Outsource Support

Operational Engineering experience

  • Automation Projects
  • Productivity Improvement Projects
  • Lean Implementation and Training
  • Project Management
  • Plant Facilities Layout
  • Process Engineering Optimization
  • Kaizen Events
  • Cellular Concepts
  • Productivity Audit and Control
  • Just-in-time and Production Management
  • Integrated Facilities Planning
  • Time study, Including Automated MTM2


We help with scientific process capability and workflow studies to optimize time, while saving on both cost and resources. Pragmatic Consulting, Inc. can Value Stream Map (VSM) critical paths, identify bottlenecks, find redundancy in processes, and undertake re-engineering products to render agencies capable of more efficient services.

If you are considering a facility remodel, expansion, or new construction, let Pragmatic Consulting, Inc. help your facility be the most productive possible. Pragmatic offers a needs assessment at the facility to determine what layout improvements and opportunities would lower operating costs, improve profitability, and increase productivity.

Pragmatic can put together a cross functional team of experts to complete projects successfully, both large and small. Our consultants have set up satellite plants both domestically and internationally. This has included facilities as well as office layouts. We have at our disposal certified engineers to work with and perform post and integrated architecture work, a broad range of lean flow, operational efficiency, and engineering services projects. Efficiency is the key factor for our customers.

For more information on our Engineering services, please visit our contact page here.